Woods Bicycle Company started in 2017 when an idea became a reality, wanting to bring to life a dream that we had inside which was born from strong interests in two different sides of the industry, BMX and Road Cycling. With a passion for riding and the knowledge in fabrication we have been able to realise and achieve these dreams with the handmade frames you see today.

Using Columbus tubing and locally sourced materials we are able to build custom geometry frames to suit all types of riders and riding styles. Working closely with our clients we customise all aspects of the build, everything from the diameter of tubing to understanding the ride you would like to achieve, even the custom paintwork. Sit back and watch as your dream frame becomes a reality, whether you're looking for a weekend warrior, a tourer or an aggressive criterium bike with one purpose...to go fast. BMX frames are built to you desired geometry using our options when you get to the checkout, if you do run into any trouble though get in contact with us so we can answer your questions.